Kanta 看龖 Rudy 儒 迪 has traveled, studying and seeking wisdom from the ancient tribes that flourished.

He teaches in an easy to understand format how to find fulfillment for the restless soul.

The core principles of his teaching are:

Choice reigns supreme.
Thoughts affect matter, which means all of your thoughts matter.
Change is available for all, not a chosen few.
Opening one's mind in the realm of belief to what's possible when one aligns clear intent with choice.
Lasting change in life happens when your new choice is more powerful than the old ones.

To change the outcome of any choice one must take responsibility for their true intentions about their situation and what they believe caused it.

Forgiveness creates space that allows old ideas to shift.

To live a better more enjoyable life we must be willing to shift our emotional attachments that limit our experiences and expand our vision to see the life we want...
Then we can use the imagination with a sense of excitement to align with that new possibility...
And create what we see...

One must fall in love with this new possibility with an energy of excitement and adventure.